Articles about how to get free by mail stuff, giveaways and free products like free make up, free offers, free pizza, free poster etc. All samples by mail are 100% free.

Free makeup

If you are low on cash, try the 'free makeup' offers we have here for you. You can get different brands of skincare and haircare samples. The samples are mailed to you.

Why are they free you asked? They are free because the manufacturer wants to keep up the buzz about their brand. Highly reputed brands like L'oreal, Pantene, Garnier etc wants their name to be in every household. Advertising on TV is not enough because a lot of new beauty product manufacturers with new technology or some celebrity endorsements are starting to give them tough competition. So a free sample to you may persuade you to be their loyal customer in the future.

The Free makeup sample that you will get will not be average sized quantity. They are mostly smaller size. But if you apply to all these freebies, You could have a lot of freebie makeups. Make sure you fill up your address correctly so that you get the sample by mail to your address. Unlike most freebies on the internet, There are no credit card scam involved in these free makeup freebies. Even the shipping is free.

'Make money from home online' is scam. 'Save money from home online without spending a dime' is the real deal.

Lots of “make money online” ask you to pay some fee and then gives you impossible and difficult task to make few dollars. Take my advice, instead think about saving money rather than making money. Now, you must be thinking you will need to spend to save. No, you don’t. In fact you will not spend even a penny.

This is how you do it. Visit freebie sites like and start applying for all the freebies. You will not even require to pay for the shipping of these freebies. It is the only real thing that’s free in the internet. These freebies are given away by manufacturers and distributers to promote their products. They are small packet of free samples. You can get free stuffs ranging from toilet papers, baby diapers, coffee to free yoga instruction dvds that you may have bought. Before you go to grocery, see if things you need may already be free somewhere on the internet. Apply to all of these freebies. You will probably save at least a couple of hundred dollars.

Free stuffs for your office

How about some freebies for your office? Many companies wants to introduce their new products and services to business like yours to get loyal continued customer. They will send you one sample in hope that you will order hundreds. Freebies includes free product samples like free post-it stickie, free scotch tape, free address labels, free business cards to free services like free website, free tax filiing etc.

We ordered these stuffs for ourselves too. Goto our free office supplies section to find out more.

Free samples by mail

Just make sure you put the address right and you will be rewarded with freebies. Freebies are not scam. Companies give freebies because they are advertising their products to you. Giveaways are one of the best ways to promote a product.

If they ask you to pay, then its not a freebie. You should not have to pay anything. Any site asking you to pay for freebie is probably a scam.

While you do get your freebies, do not expect too much. Free samples are what they say, samples. They are usually very small quantity of the original product for you to try. If you like it, go buy for more. Some freebies give only one freebie per household. Since they have your address, they know if you order twice.

Freebies, a company's best way to advertise

"If you are about to launch a new product that is better than the rest, you will definately sell them like crazy", ehh..not exactly. Most consumer buy stuffs based on their popularity. If a product is popular, then it must be good. There are many products in the market that do a poor job on quality. Then they put the savings into marketing to advertise their product.

So if you made a good quality product, then it ends up being very expensive in the end after adding marketing expense. If you don't advertise your product then it will not be popular and will not sell. So what is a solution?

Welcome to the freebie marketing. By giving away a small sample of your product, you give your customers a proof of the quality of your product. People love free samples, so chances are lots of them will request to try your free samples. The only cost you have to wary of is the cost of shipping. If you can find a way to minimize the cost of shipping, your freebies marketing will soar.

Where to get free stuffs?

Try-free-sample digs the free stuffs from all over the web. Why would someone give away free stuff? Its because giving away free stuff is a form of advertisement for a newly launched product. Mind it, free samples are usually of a small quantity; like a small bottle of bottle that would not last more than 2-3 use may be, or a small packet of a new coffee which would you one cup of coffee. The idea is that these manufacturer finds giving away free stuff less expensive than advertising these products against already established competitors products.

Usually free stuffs are given away via the internet. This is the most cost effective way for the product promoters too. Usually you will require to fill up a form with your mailing address and they will ship you a sample. Sometimes there are restrictions on how many free samples you can request. So if they find that your address is already in their given away list, then you may not get another one. With the free sample, they might also send some printed coupons that you can use to buy more of this product for a discount.

Make sure you give your address correctly. Sometimes, people forget to enter their apartment or unit number. In that case, you will not receive the free sample even if they did send your freebies by mail.

Good luck with the freebies.